Why The Power Adapter So Large Price Gap

Often have customers say, rated power power adapter, prices on the market why gaps so big? Some even doubling? Once upon a time, 1 w 1 dollar slogan known all over the power industry, look to today, many 36W power adapter are priced less than 20 Yuan, then changed that to 1 Watt 5 cents? ' Another way to look at the industry high-end power adapter product, although prices are way down, but also close to 1 Watt 1-dollar level, power adapter price war engulfed the industry really is that? product price differential higher then what is it? Let us take a look at where is the power adapter price differences.

Typically, a power adapter is made up of a lot of electronic components, and because of the potential electrical hazards, power adapter and a closed product that doesn't allow you to open the shell. Which led to many users through the power adapter is marked on the nameplate wattage and most intuitive prices to measure. Power adapter, this seemingly simple "plastic box" is not as simple as we thought. Only materials can affect the quality of a power adapter 70%, circuit design, production and technology also holds a lot of weight. In addition to other than the rated power, its stability is the most intuitive factors affect the user experience.