What Factors Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A Charger?

Look at the charge termination control of the charger

Small current charger generally adopts time control mode. High current fast charger generally use -△V control and other control mode of combining the design, the degree of intelligence to be higher. The greater the current provided by the charger, the more complex the charging termination control, the higher the cost and the price. For the user, according to their own actual situation to choose. If you use the battery capacity is not very high, or the charging speed is not particularly important, you can choose the ordinary charger; if you need to choose a higher price fast charger, the best performance of the charger and battery more To understanding.

For example, you can provide a maximum charge current of 1000mA charger, used to charge 600mAh capacity of nickel-metal hydride batteries, you need the battery is designed specifically for high-current rechargeable battery, or to ensure that the charger can provide a smaller current option.