The Tips Of Improve The Efficiency Of Switching Power Supply

1, In the switching power supply secondary output on the Schottky and a small power fast diode instead of RC absorption, the efficiency can generally increase 1 to 2 points.

2, in the volume and area of the allowable, try to use PQ RM type of transformer, in the case of security regulations, the transformer without retaining the wall efficiency can be improved.

3, the input and output electrolytic capacity value.

AC input rectifier electrolytic capacity is low when the efficiency will be low 0.2 to 1 point, what is low? With the oscilloscope to see AC input rectifier after ripple, less than 10W power, ripple 10 ~ 30V better than 10W ripple in the 5 ~ 20V better.

4, the main current circuit PCB as short as possible.

5, optimize the transformer parameter design, reduce the ring to bring the eddy current loss.

6, the rational use of switching devices.