The Harm Of Charging All The Time

Recently, some people reflect that it would consume the battery if not pull out the charger from socket ever if it not in charging. What is more it produce radiation if the charger in the socket all the time. This is very surprised that they usually pull they charger in the socket to keep the charging all the year. That is to say, it would be consume how much battery? How is harm for our body? They want to know this truth of saying.

What about you? when finish charging, you will pull out the charger or leave it in the socket. As for this question, the reporter have asked several people, more than 60 percents people not pull out the charger, and leave it in the socket is convenient to charge. What is more, due to the smart mobile phone be used widespread, they charge mobile phone everyday.

Since some people are used to make the charger on the patch panel, it become a question whether cause radiation in this state. However, the reporter consulted personage inside course of study, they said that when the charger not charge and connected with patch panel, although not charge the mobile directly, the inner of the charger is thought electric, that is to said it still working. In the state of working would consume the electric. Because the pilot circuit still working ever if the charger not connect the mobile phone, it still through current but tiny.