Photosynthesis In New Phone Charging

Bioo Lite is not just plug the USB charging cable into potting soil as simple pot contained the following two small spaces and water chemistry of bacteria. When plants absorb sunlight and photosynthesis, sunlight into energy, compounds produced in the soil will be taken on the semi-permeable membrane from bacteria, these bacteria absorb nutrients from the compound, and generates electrons. Electronic Nano-networks to collect and store the battery at the bottom of the pot, users can just plug in the USB charging cord for charging the mobile phone.

Bioo Lite development researchers said photosynthesis in plants to keep the cell phone charging 3 times a day, and battery output is 3.5V, with generally similar to the computer's USB output. To get better power generation effect, greenery is far better than cactus. If you are interested in supporting Bioo Lite now supporting their Indiegogo project, with the price of 89 euros (approximately NT $ 3,275). Smooth financing, is expected to deliver in December this year.