How Is It Safe To Charge?

Mobile phone charger on the charging environment have certain requirements, such as the temperature can not be lower than 0 ° or higher than 35 °, in particular, can not be directly under the sun to the phone charge, or not only affect the life of the charger, may also cause an explosion.

2. Do not cover your phone while charging

If you cover the items on the phone when charging, it will cause the phone to be unevenly dissipated, and the temperature will continue to rise. If the charger or battery is aged, or if you use the unqualified product, it is more dangerous.

3. Do not charge while playing the phone

It is best to pull the plug and then play the phone, if the phone or charger has been aging, or buy a poor charger, then more likely to cause danger.

4. Always pay attention to the situation of mobile phone charging

When charging the phone, there may be accidents, such as sudden rise in cell phone temperature, or exudes smell, etc., at any time can be dealt with in a timely manner.