Difference Of Charger And Adapter

Many people will mix the phone charger and power adapter, silly can not tell the end of the phone charger and power adapter What is the difference. Shenzhen Yongle phone charger manufacturers today for everyone to talk about what is a mobile phone charger, what is the power adapter, what is the difference between them?

Mobile phone charger is generally used to buy mobile phone when the same brand charger, is a kind of electrical accessories, usually the charger is the exchange of alternating current into low-voltage direct current equipment, and now the use of the field is also very wide, such as mobile phones, flat Computers, cameras and so on, this charger is used in power electronic semiconductor devices, is a frequency of alternating current is not converted to DC static converter equipment.

Power adapter is a very small electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, it has a different output and connection, in fact, power adapter is what we say "travel power adapter." In fact, these two kinds of chargers have a kind of role, but in essence, or a little difference.