Desktop Mount Power Market: The Strength Of The Fierce Competition In The Showdown

As the heart of desktop computers, power more and more by the attention of DIY players, expanding the DIY market also developed more price and grade of power to meet the needs of consumers. DIY hardware development has always been market-oriented, especially in Desktop Mount Power.

ZDC Internet consumer research center recently released in the first half of 2016 power-related data, the player's attention to the product heat is still unabated, rich product distribution is also a diversified product demand for the side of the display, the following we according to the published data To analyze the competition and opportunities for the Desktop Mount Power market in detail.

In the first half of the hot list, HuntKey, the game Titans and the Great Wall electromechanical top three, which accounted for 15.9% Hangjiao, game Titans accounted for 13.6%, the Great Wall accounted for 11.2% of mechanical and electrical, the three occupied more than 40% attention.

The second echelon for the Xin Valley and the first horse power, respectively, accounting for 10.1% and 9.7%, followed by international brands swept 6-10, followed by pirate ship 6.1%, Andrews 5.3%, Zhenhua 4.1%, rhyme 2.6 % And 2.5% of Tt.

In terms of quarterly, the top five brands of power concerns have not changed, but the ranking has changed, HuntKey from the first quarter of the first quarter to the second quarter of the third horse from the second quarter to the second quarter fifth. Other brands of concern change is not large.

Specific to the top five brands of data per month, you can see the sailing and the first horse's attention to reduce the heat, Xin Valley's attention is very small fluctuations in the Great Wall Electrical and the game Titans power concerns have a more obvious rise.

Overall, the concern of Desktop Mount Power or dominate the domestic brand products, international brands also have no small seats. From the reasons for the analysis, domestic power products after a long period of development has become more mature, with no small competitive edge, while the players in the choice of power supply is also more popular domestic products, but the current list has not been overwhelming Sexual advantage of the brand, power manufacturers are still fierce competition between the fierce.