Charger: Zolt Can Also Recharge Laptops And Cell-phones

Although most laptops in volume, but their volume of power supply are growing. Zolt now Intel investment company was aware of the problem, launched the Super Compact Zolt laptop charger, a laptop computer can be powered at the same time, can also provide 2 USB devices, such as smart to charge mobile phones and so on.

This laptop charger improves space efficiency. For example, the size is only 2 lipstick size, you can easily add user pocket, folding plug can also further reduce the space occupied by the Chargers, and prevent it from tripping over or winding pockets for other items. This charger itself can be rotated 90 degrees to prevent occupy more space on the socket in a cramped space.

Despite the small size, it provides 70 watts, most laptops only 65 Watts, MacBook or even as long as 60 watts. The charger itself comes with color matching with power cord, interface supports most notebook computers on the market. The line may also be wound on to the charger, a real space-saving.