Charger: Big Mac Meets Desktop Charging 10 Cell Phones

Daily life, USB digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile power supply growing popularity has become a necessity for work, study, entertainment. These digital devices continue to rise, was born more than a USB charger for emerging markets. As digital accessories well-known brand of Anker, olfactory to has user of needs, in launched has 40W five mouth charger and 60W six mouth charger Hou, recently and brings has a paragraph ten mouth USB charger, is currently portable charger in the of giant no PA, it can while to a between Hostel of all digital equipment power, in travel of train Shang get a row seat Shang of electricity share, even in phone stores can meet a row phone full days show charging needs,.

For Beginner digital players, of course, in the face of so many may not be able to use.