Charger (charging machine) by design circuit work frequency to points, can is divided into workers frequency machine and high frequency machine. workers frequency machine is to traditional of simulation circuit principle to design, machine internal power devices (as transformer, and inductance, and capacitor,) are larger, General in with contains larger run Shi exists smaller noise, but the models in bad of grid environment conditions in the resistance anti-performance strong, reliability and the stability are than high frequency machine strong.

And high frequency machine is to microprocessor (CPU chip) as processing control center, is will complex of hardware simulation circuit burn Yu microprocessor in the, to software program of way to control UPS of run. so, volume greatly narrowed, weight greatly reduced, manufacturing cost low, price relative low. high frequency machine inverse frequency rate General in 20KHZ above. but high frequency machine in bad of grid and the environment conditions Xia tolerance capacity poor, more suitable for grid compared stable and the dust less, and temperature/humidity right of environment.