Attention With Cell Phone Charger

  1.     unplug the charger after finish charging,

cell phone charger should be avoided to keep a long time in the socket, or easy cause load short circuit, and fire.

2.     Don’t mix the charger

Different cell phone have different capacity, the same as the original charger have different output and input power. So when we use charger have different model, especially different brand charger, it is possible to cause the cell phone explosion and battery is burst due to the voltage is instability.

3.     Don’t charger long time

Most of cell phone use lithium battery, it is very bad to charger long time. In general, according to the different capacity of the battery, the charger time within 2-4 hours. It is unnecessary to charger when the cell phone note battery have full. Or there have safety threaten is caused heat battery.

4.     Don’t play cell phone when charging.

Don’t use cell phone when charging, there are some accident was caused play cell phone when charging.